El Templo

In December 2004, DOA returns with the coming-out of the videogame “El Templo” as a trio (Bernado Martínez, Xaquín Blanco and Xoán Piñón) offering a memorable live concert in the Sala Capitol of Santiago including the pieces “Ancello do silencio” and “Como soños de nacre” that the company Interacción, the creator of the videogame, chooses for the soundtrack of “El Templo”.

DOA also play a choice of the records they have released.

DOA (2004) from leith side to right: Xaquín Blanco, Xoan Piñón and Bernardo Martínez.

“El Templo” has won the Best Multimedia Production award granted by Eganet, the Association of Galician Companies devoted to the Internet.

The Living Forest

The band DOA have recorded the piece "Cantiga das arbores" and two adaptations for choral octet and solo violin for the film "The Living Forest", film adaptation of the work "The Living Forest" by Wenceslao Fernández Flórez, computer animated by the film company Dygra and distributed by Buena Vista Internacional and EMI.


"Cantiga das Arbores"
(Xoan Piñón, Xaquín Blanco)

"Introducción Cantiga das Arbores" (Xoan Piñón, Xaquín Blanco).
Adaptation of "Cantiga das Arbores" for choral octet by Sergio Pena

"Cae o Sol Lentamente"
(Xoan Piñón, Xaquín Blanco) Adaptation of "Cantiga das Arbores" for solo violin.


Xoan Piñón Guitar, lute, mandolin
Xaquín Blanco Bagpipe, percussion
Isabel Sanjuán Violin
Roberto Grandal Accordion
Luciano Pérez Organistrum

DOA 2011